Brian Hampson


Raised by a pack of Wild Corn Dogs in Waukegan, Illinois, Dr. Hampson struck out for a life of academia at an early age. Dr. Hampson got his start at The University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Human Development, a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences, and a doctoral degree in Food Science/Microbiology. Dr. Hampson is also a proud father.

Midway through his academic career, Dr. Hampson completed a one-year exchange program at Konan University, Kobe, Japan. Dr. Hampson first worked for the Applied Biotechnology Research Group of the Agricultural Research Service, the USDA Western Regional Research Center, followed by a period with McCormick Corporation, in both instances working as a Scientist. Ah, but the quad kept calling him back, so for 23 years he devoted his days to teaching young scientists at California Polytechnic State University’s Food Science and Nutrition Department, San Luis Obispo, California. Now retired as Professor Emeritus, Dr. Hampson devotes a portion of his time to spirited adventures at the distillery.

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