American Star Vodka

Distilled 5 times

With our distillery located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, one of California’s premier wine growing regions, we knew that producing artisan spirits that matched the quality of other beverages from the region was an imperative. So when it came time to create a truly world class small batch American vodka, our Master Distiller decided to make American Star Vodka from 100% American corn. Corn is after all the quintessential American grain and it has many qualities that make it perfect for crafting a top shelf premium vodka. American Star Vodka is distilled five times to reach the highest level of purity and finished with a rigorous innovative filtration process. This produces an exceptionally clean tasting, smooth finishing vodka with a slight hint of sweetness that meets the lofty standards of our Master Distiller.

    • Distilled 5 times in a copper still
    • Finished with a rigorous proprietary filtration process
    • A base of 100% American sweet corn

A smooth ultra-premium vodka with a silky, peppery sweet finish. Crystal clear, citrus notes followed by a rich, smooth mouth feel with hints of vanilla and oak. Coming Fall 2013 organic infused with caviar lime and strawberries. American Star is undoubtedly one of the finest American made vodkas.

2014 Vodka of the Year - DrinkMe Magazine

DrinkMe Magazine Elite 150DrinkMe_Elite_150.jpg

Drink Me Magazine Review

95 points

"Crystal clear color, bright and pleasing neutral aroma. Beautifully well rounded and slightly sweet in mid-palate, thick and viscous mouthfeel. Very enjoyable and pleasing in the mouth with zero burn or astringency. A very well made and stellar vodka."

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