Preparation of Semper Fi

LABEL-SemperFi-2B.jpgWe have new and exciting things cooking here at the distillery. We just received a special shipment of red corn, white corn and blue corn (U.S.A!) and began cooking our newest product - Semper Fi Moonshine.

Semper Fi, is short for Semper Fidelis, which is a Latin phrase meaning always faithful. This corn whiskey is always faithful in paying homage to the earliest corn whiskies made in the American colonies and to the generations of Americans who have served in defense of the USA.

To honor the heritage of this all-American product, our Master Distiller chose to make this whiskey from red, white and blue corn just like the multicolored native corn used in the earliest American corn whiskies circa 1620. And let's face it, what is more American than red, white and blue corn whiskey?

With remarkable flavor and exceptional smoothness SEMPER FI will bring out the patriot in everyone. A portion of the proceeds from Semper Fi will be donated to the US veteran's charities. We will bottling at a strong 111.0 proof and it will be available this summer.

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